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Dock Bumper Riser Plates

Bumper Riser Plate

Dock Bumper wear will be considerably increased if vehicles are allowed to over-ride them.

Dock Bumpers are designed for facial impact only, so if you have a 40 ton truck sitting on top of them, they wont last long. Dock Bumper over-ride generally ocurrs when older, low height loading bays, are trying to accommodate today's multi height suspension trailers.

Don't worry, you won't have to redesign the dock, you can simply fit our "Riser Plates".

Our standard plates will raise your Dock Bumpers by either 150 mm or 250 mm above dock.

Features include:

  • Produced from 12 mm Thick Steel Plate
  • Gusseted for Extra Strength
  • Heights to Suit Your Application
  • Tapped Rear Plate for Easy Stud Replacement
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