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Dock Bumpers - Dock Buffers

Whether you call them Dock Bumpers, Dock Buffers or Rubber Bumper, the choices can make a daunting decision.

It helps though when dealing with a Company who stock the largest variety of Dock Buffer models. Each one designed to cope with today's high impact levels from vehicles.

Our range starts with our entry rubber Bumper, for low wear situations, through to the very latest low coefficient yellow faced sliding Dock Bumper. This unit has a sliding face plate of Polyethylene, and a rear rubber pad all enclosed in its own galvanised HD steel frame, so the vehicle impact is absorbed into the rubber, not your dock wall.

With a multitude of sizes and specifications to choose from, you may need our 40 years experience to find the right Dock Bumpers for you, so call us now.

DB18104 Dock Bumper Rubber
DB18104-POBNylon Dock Bumper
SP-1810 Bumper Face Plate
DB18104-POPolythene Dock Bumper
LAM 300Laminated Dock Bumper
DB3010-SPRINGSpring Loaded Dock Bumper

Options available are:

  • Rubber & Rubber with Rayon Reinforcing
  • Yellow Faced - Sliding
  • Steel Face Plates
  • Yellow Faced - Fixed
  • Laminated
  • Spring Loaded
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