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"RACKSACK" Litter Bags Warehouse Recycling

Rack Sack Litter BagRack Sack Recycling

Warehouse waste management problems are easily solved with our "Racksack". Suitable for most warehouse racking system the "Racksack" simply hooks to the end of your racking frame.

The "Racksack" has been specifically developed so that it will not intrude into your valuable warehouse space.

It's not only a great asset to a warehouse, but is also popular in many other applications in factories, offices, in fact anywhere where waste debris and litter has become a problem.
Available in 10 different pre-printed options, i.e. General Waste, Plastics, Paper etc.

Features include:

  • 920 mm wide x 1000 mm high
  • Capacity of .16 Cubic Metres
  • Hook On / Off
  • Large Open Mouth
  • Tough Waterproof Polyester
  • Strong Handles on Sides and Bottom
  • 13 x Pre-printed Designs
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