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Dock Shelters & Seals Made in the UK

Dock ShelterDock Pad

Our high quality UK produced Loading Bay Dock Shelters and Dock Seals reduce entry into the warehouse from airborne pollutants, insects, and the weather. Keeping cold / heat in the warehouse reducing energy costs.

Dock Shelters - Collapsible or Rigid.

Dock Shelters using frames with curtains attached, are better suited for a variety of vehicle sizes, allowing for a wider range of vehicle heights and widths. We produce our Dock Shelter canopies in either rigid frames, or retractable options. The retractable model is the most popular since it is designed to minimise damage if your driver doesn't align properly onto the bay. Should your vehicle touch the Dock Shelter frame, it will retract back on its cantilever arms.

Dock Seals / Dock Pads

Dock Seals or Dock Pads are best suited for use in chilled and freezer applications, where a maximum seal is required to help keep the temperature inside your vehicle, the same as that in your warehouse. This type of Seal is reliant on using vehicles of a similar size to your door opening, and has a structural opening capable of withstanding the pressures exerted on it.

All of our materials are of the highest quality, and are renowned for their durability and resistance to wear.

We are proud to be suppliers to some of the largest Blue Chip Companies in the UK.

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